To the Marxist-Leninist-Revolutionaries (MLR) of 
Dear comrades,
As you may know, our organization -- the Revolutionary Communist Party (Organizing
Committees), Canada -- is about to hold an important event whose objective is to unite 
The largest number of proletarians and revolutionary- minded people from across th
country under the banner of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and the fight 
to establish a genuine Revolutionary Communist Party in Canada. 
After six years of upholding MLM, engaging in political struggle and applying
mass line -- even in an embryonic form -- we are approaching 
the moment where the vanguard party of the Canadian proletariat will finall
come into existence as a proud detachment of the international communist movement.
By giving a serious boost to our work, we hope this “Canadian Revolutionary 
Congress” to be a crucial step in this direction.
In preparation for the event, our leadership issued a document
 (entitled “The Canadian Proletariat and the World Situation: How We 
Intend to Fight”), which is currently available in both English and French on 
the CRC website 
( The document deals with some of the most
burning questions facing the revolutionary movement in the current 
international and national context. We will value your comments and criticisms 
on the different topics approached in it.
As part of the event, there will be a specific moment on the agenda for reading
statements and messages from MLM parties and organizations from different parts
of the world. We will be happy to read, on your behalf, any statement you may
want to forward. You should send it at this address, prior to November 20 ideally. 
The whole event will be held under the spirit of uniting with the vanguard parties 
and organizations who are upholding, applying and developing MLM in order to serve 
the world revolution, including especially the Revolutionary Internationalist 
In any circumstances, we will keep you informed of the discussion and results 
of the event.
With our communist greetings,
International Department Revolutionary Communist Party (Organizing 
Committees), Canada
Parti communiste révolutionnaire (comités d'organisation)
Revolutionary Communist Party (Organizing 
Comptoir Saint-Clément, C.P. 60556 Montréal (Québec) H1V 3T8 CANADA

Maoist  Commonist  in  Canada  With  wormest  salution   

Of  Camarades .

2006  - 11 - 8

We  follow  always  the  international  markesist  Lenenist  Maoist revolution

We  as  well  we  follw  the  American  revolution  we  Iraqi  Markisist  lenenist

Maoist  that  you  are  eyacting  the  congress  to  agglomerate  all  communists  

with  right direction  in  Canada  for  the  progress  of    prletariat   agaimst  the

Capitalisms  in  sucn  difficult  times  with  revlslonylst  in  the  wmole  parts  of

World  backing  the  capitaqlists .

Yor  congress  is  a  victory  for  international  Revolution  we  wisn  all  progress

For  sullies  for  all  Proletrian  acts  in  Canada  for  your  good  designs .

With  warmest  Salutation  to  movement  Markesist  Leninist  maoist  in  Canada

Saltutation  fron  iraq  Prolitaians  to  Canadain  Proltarins  .

As  well  our  salutions  to  American  rvolution  Communist  Part  to  secrtary

Bob Avakian  .

We  expect  fron  your hand  upto  the  glory  of  Communists  in  the  world 

Log  liv  RIM  .

Log  liv  peoples war in  Nypal  ,  Paru  ,  Flipipin  , Colombea

Your  Frienad  Kammratar 

Markisist  Leninist  Maoit  Revlioonaries  frm  Iraq

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